Sunday, September 25, 2011

1 more day people...1.More.Day!!!!!

Ok, so I'm just sooooooooooo excited I couldn't not do a teeny tiny post about heading to Forks. Again! I have mentally checked out, packed my bags and headed for the airport. Unfortunately, my physical self must go to work tomorrow before it can catch up with my mentality. I have a feeling it's gonna be a loooonnnggggg two days. So instead of despising every minute until I leave on Wednesday morning, I plan on looking forward to hanging with my favorite tweeps, visiting Escala (which I found out today is less than 3 blocks from our hotel in Seattle SQUEEEEEE!!!!), hiking the Hoh with AllTwiedUp, tackle hugging those of you I did & didn't meet last year & drinking until my liver stages a formal protest.

See you soon Forks!!!

Let the count down continue.....

Only 2600 more minutes til my flight!!!!!


  1. I cant wait to meet you in Forks!!!!

  2. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! less that 12 hours until our flight now!