Saturday, December 25, 2010

Okay, I'm drunk, so what...

I must admit, I may come to and delete this in the morning. When I've sobered up. But I'm feeling all fuzzy and shit.

I fucking love you h00rs.

I fucking love that I can share my every little thought.... despite how dirty/wrong.

I fucking love that even though I've only met some of you once, I can tell you things that I can't tell my other RL friends.

I fucking love that you all don't look at me like I'm a psycho when I say how much Twilight has changed my life.

I fucking love that some of you have become like sisters to me. You know who you are and I treasure your friendship more than you can ever imagine. It means the world to me. 

I fucking love that Rob Pattinson is so hot. And I love that most of us agree on the fact.... It's okay, @MissTejota, I still love you. ;)

Ahhh Edward, I fucking love everything about you and your latent-dominant tendencies.

I fucking love that I have a husband who is so supportive and understanding. He is amazing and I love him more than I can express. I am the luckiest woman on earth.

I fucking love @JennyJerkface and @SnarkierThanYou for starting something that has brought me so much happiness. You ladies are not only hilarious, but amazing women who I admire more than you know. Joisey is better having you two women. 

I fucking love that every day I can come online to twitter/facebook and Twitarded and talk to you ladies.. that we can share our stories and support each other, no matter what, from so far away. 

Basically... it boils down to LOVE.... and how much I love you.

Merry Christmas and goodnight my loves. 


  1. If you wake up and delete this post tomorrow, I'll make Tom make you give him a blumkin.

    Ok not really but I would be upset because this is an awesome awesome post. It's my feelings exactly. I'll write more later cuz I'm EXHAUSTED but I heart you and I'm so glad you're in my life. :)

  2. I fucking love you too and I CAN'T WAIT till Napa. It's ON, baby!

    P.S. Let's never talk of blumkins again. Eww.

    P.P.S. I will be PISSED OFF with you if you delete this post. @Jaymes805 and I will hunt you down. You know it.

  3. Love is most definitely the word and I love you.

  4. I love you, baby! Fantastic post, it says exactly how I feel about you and all the other fabulous h00rs this crazy community has brought together.

  5. I effing love you too, and I am happy to see you did not delete this. You Rock. This fandom rocks. I feel the same way!

    Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

    xoxo J

  6. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If Rob looked like this EVERY day: I would be enchanted forevermore.

    I adore and love you as well.

  8. Lookie here! It's December 30th and you STILL haven't deleted this post! Good for you, hun. It deserves to stay.

    Love you too - from far away :-)

    CC x

  9. I feel the same way! You already know how I feel about you and how I treasure your friendship and love you soooooo much! Mwah!

  10. GAH! I am always so obscenely late in commenting!! Maybe I can blame it on the fact that we've been busy planning a little something-something?

    I puffy heart you, lady. After we met you, we kept saying how it was IMPOSSIBLE not to smile whenever you were around. You're infectious. And I mean that in a really good way, not the "OMG you have a communicable disease?!?!?" way.