Monday, December 20, 2010

The time has come....

I need a new freakin handle.

This whole real first name, last name thing is just making me too paranoid. I'm applying for jobs, the hubs is going for an uber top-secret clearance for his new assignment, something needs to be done. I feel like I can't completely be myself on this blog cause it may be Google-able. I've tried to Google myself, nothing comes up other than Facebook and Myspace (and that shit's on private), but I have no doubt in the capabilities of those with power. I recently deleted the pictures of my face on my "alternative" sites, so has the hubs.
My thoughts exactly.
The shitty thing is people in Twitardia know me as me. If I change my name, how anybody know who I am? I know @Twi_Lin did a name change a while back and it worked for her, but it took everybody a while to realize that it was still her. I don't mind having my first name in my handle, I mean my name is truly not as common as you'd imagine. Is it weird that I don't want to feel like a Twitarded n00b with this change of name? I've worked hard to make you lovely friends! You are all so important to me, I don't want to get lost in the name change!

You see, today I was creating a post that I really wanted to publish... I called it "Down to the Hot and Dirty"...then it dawned on me. That job that I just applied for last week? If they were to see this? Wow. If my mother, heaven forbid (I love her to death, but there somethings she just doesn't know about) saw some of this? EEEK! SHAAAMMEE!

I know, Gran, you raised me better.
Point is, I don't want to dilly dally around anymore. I want freedom of speech. Like, for reallies.

And freedom to post pics like this. Because
it is part of who I am.
I want more anonymity

THAT brings us to my next problem. I don't have a creative bone in my body. I see other people's awesome ideas and modify them to "my own"... ha, yeah, RIGHT. My AIM handles and handles that I have on other sites are based off a girl scout nick name when I was twelve. Yeah. Daisy, how original, right? I understand that this means an entirely new g-mail account, etc.... but I think it's worth it.

Now because I have this blog, I was thinking maybe @dirtyhotandnerdy would work, but it seems a bit pretentious if you don't know the context! lol. Do you ladies have ANY suggestions?!?! Pretty, pretty, pretty please help me out here! You ladies know me pretty well, any ideas? I'd like to get this ball rolling so I can actually post the blog I originally wanted to tonight.

......and get on to the dirty hot and nerdy! ;)

*EEEEKKK So I just realized that when you type my  name then search Google images, pictures from my blog, and therefore a link to my blog pops up! Shiiiiiiit. 


  1. This is a tuff one...hmmmm *tapschin*. It needs to be easy to remember, unique and not too long. I had a hard time too, so I totes ripped of Twitarded fir my sn. If u use ur blog name will it be teaceable to u though, cuz you have posted under ur real namevfor a while. Can u clear ur history or lock it or something? Cuz it's a goid sn if ur not worried about that. Like u said its tuff. Whatever u decide to go with let us know, cuz you are too awesome to disappear into the depths of the interwebs. I <3 u!!!

  2. Charla- I changed my twitter name from So Twired to Twired when I changed the blog name from So Twired to just Twired.

    To make it easy you should change your blogger and twitter to match. AND I would NOT worry about other not finding you. When you change your twitter name, you don't lose followers, plus we'll all help you to make every one aware. You have made enough friends in this fandom that this wont be a problem..

    Let's think: @Twi_Charla @CharlaluvsEdward
    @Charla_DHN (dirty hot & nerdy) @DirtyHotCH
    @chLUVStwi ...

    Geez I kind of suck at this...

    xo J

  3. I so know your pain! I get mixed messages between I_heart_Fifty (BTW, underscores are a PAIN IN THE ARSE) and TwiKiwi... hence I put both handles in my blogger name because some know me as one thing, some as the other.

    Anyhoo, I digress. I love Jen's suggestions above, also you could think about: @RobsCharla, @CharlaCullen, @CaliCharlia...

    And don't worry about losing us, bb! We'll follow you!

  4. I like the @dirtyhotandnerdy handle, personally. And the others are right - if we're already following you on Twatter or following this blog, then you won't lose us simply by changing your handle.

    Just do it - soon - cos I can't wait to see your original idea for a post - if the third pic is anything to go by ;-)

    CC x

  5. I know exactly what you mean! Before Forks, my online name was just my first and last name. I never had any creative ideas to change it to - until I went around Forks introducing myself as Kristin, just Kristin cuz I had no Twitter sn! It stuck. :) I like any of the ideas above (again, not creative so no help there), or matching your blog with dirtyhotandnerdy. We'll all still love you and follow you no matter what you call yourself!

  6. I hear ya, no way do I want my real name attached to all this. Not that I'm ashamed, but it could make for some bad/awkward RL moments. I like @dirtyhotandnerdy for twitter (if it's not too many letters), but not sure about suggestions for signing your posts. And don't worry, we're not going anywhere! You can't get rid of us that easily :)

  7. I really like Jen's suggestions (@Charla_DHN) and if you keep your avi the same for a minute, your online friends will be quick to figure it out.

  8. I like the @dirtyhotandnerdy if it's not to many characters for twitter. If you want anonymity then stay away from using your real name and real city period. There isn't any real safety on the Internet, but take as many precautions as possible. You can even list your first name as Char, even if no one calls you that.

    I had my first and last name in the beginning for branding purposes, but some of the conversations on twitter got too "scandalous" and I needed to change my handle. At times folks would still use my old handle, but since I had a search on my old handle I could reply back to them and let them know the new handle. It took less than a week for the majority to get the new handle, a lot longer for a couple of folks, and I actually mean 2 people. Only because they are my RL friends and they are stubborn.

    When you make the change, just remember to send out a couple of tweets stating that this is the new handle for @c---------s.

  9. I agree with blog matching twitter if it can work but Jen's options are pretty good too. I also agree that underscores are annoying. I can never remember if they are there, where they are and then I have to look it up or end up tweeting the wrong person or no one LOL!!

    And we will follow you anywhere sweetie... well within reason ;) LOL!!!