Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The mystery of Bella (the dog) has been solved!

When we first adopted Bella, she was described as a "terrier mix". In fact, this was the add:
"Spayed 25 pound terrier mix, around 1 years old. House trained, crate trained. Sleeps on her blanket in the bedroom at night. Stays in the house during the day, or hanging around outside with you! Loves children, very patient with them! Great with people. Great with indoor cats. Likes to chase birds. Likes to play in water. Travels great! Generally calm but is in everyone's business! She has great self-esteem and doesn't hold grudges! Thinks she's a lap dog and loves to sleep in boxes!" 
We took the description for what it's worth. But as we got to know and love her, we found that she just didn't have the temperament of terrier--fiesty, incredibly energetic, etc. She's relatively calm, super affectionate and pretty quiet. She rarely barks...she is not a "yappy" dog by any means.

Our little Bells

Recently, while we've been walking her, we've had numerous people ask, "is she a Basenji?" We then just explain that she's a rescue, and we have no idea. So, I got curious and googled Basenji, and holy smokes!





Lookin' like a Basenji mix!

I think we see a resemblance! So, now when people ask what she is, we say that we are pretty sure that she is a Basenji mix! Those of you that have met her may see the resemblance more in person than in these photos, but it's there. :)

And P.S. Yes, on his right arm, that's one of the hub's hot-ass tatts..... ;)

People always ask if the girl is me...our lips
are sealed! ;)
Love you h00rs,


  1. I would agree that your mystery is solved. She is such a cutie.

  2. She DOES loke like a Basenji mix.. the barkless dog..We love her...and you.. Double_Dippin

  3. So agree, mystery is solved.

    Nice tat on the husband.

  4. She definitely has some Basenji in her.

    And I love the tattoo. It beautifully done. It makes me want another one soooo bad.

  5. Aww I miss Bella's cute lil face!! I definitely think she's more basenji than terrier.

    Nice tattoo Tom has! I need to get's too bad I'm a little bitch and scared of needles (but we already had the "we're pussy's when needles come out" talk at your house)

  6. Bella is a cutie patootie!

    ...Tom's not so bad either. hehehe.

  7. Aw, she's so cute. I agree, she could definitely be part Basenji.

    Your hubs' tatt is awesome.... And he's pretty easy on the eyes as well! ;)

  8. Hehehe, yeah, the hubs and I actually met online. His hottness was the first thing that I noticed. Then I discovered how awesome he was after that fact. LOL!

  9. Oh, lil sweet! And your hubs is awesome...inside & out, especially the out with the tattoo'd parts. And that is sooooo u on his arm, don't even play like its not.

    Luv u girlie *mwah* ;)

  10. O_o! Yes! Bella most def has to be a Basenji cross!

    My brother lived in Spain for a couple of years when I was in my 20's. I visited him and found that he'd adopted a local stray - a Basenji - (there are lots of them in Southern Spain). He called him 'Benji'.

    So, yeah, from 'Benji the Basenji' I can see a not so great leap to 'Bella the Basenji' - what lucky people you are!

    And I refuse to comment on your hubs - you'll think I'm a real cougar if I do ;-)

    CC x