Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Special Tribute to Icy and Fifty

For those (rare few) who don't know, I'm a collared, contracted slave. My husband is my Sir (Master) and we live a 24/7 total power exchange relationship. I'm guessing that before something called "Master of the Universe" came out, most of you had no idea what that meant.

Most people call what I wear around my neck a "choker" or a "neclace" but in all actuality, it has much more meaning. 

Snowqueens Icedragon, or Icy as most of us call her, wrote a story called "Master of the Universe". Without getting into any spoilers, it's a Twilight fanfiction story that has captivated thousands. It portrays Edward and Bella in ways that only my dirty dreams and sentimental heart could have combined. It's both a love story and and erotic adventure that I would recommend to anybody, whether a "lifestyler" or not.

For many of us in the BDSM lifestyle, or any other alternative lifestyle, it is hard to be frank and honest about the way that we live our lives. This part of myself is not something that everyone in my life knows about. Partly because of you, Icy, I have been able to open up and share this part of me to some of my closest friends. I receive not judgement, but curiosity and acceptance in return. I no longer hide this part of my life, a HUGE part of my life, and feel as if because of it I have made some of the most real and sincere of friends. 

I want to give a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Icy, for giving us Fifty Shades, for giving us endless hours of enjoyment, for giving me a chance to open up, for helping create a community that so many of us can enjoy and for giving some sense of normalcy to a D/s relationship in the public's eye. 

The story has gained such notoriety, that it will actually be printed! Names changed for legal reasons, of course. But the raw emotion and trials and tribulations of true love will still be there. Don't hesitate, BUY! I know that I will have a hard copy in my hands faster than you can say RED!
To read this deliciousness ASAP, she has the entire story posted on her site here . Icy can also be reached via twitter @SQIceDragon. Feel free to share your love after reading/enjoying/panting/drooling/freaking out..etc.... you get the point.

I'd like to give a shout out to @TwiKiwi50 and @17foreverlisa for organizing this whole shabang. PLEASE check out these other sites for their take on the series and their reasons for loving "Master of the Universe":

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For those of you who have read this post and have any questions I haven't answered yet, please feel free to either leave a question in the comments or email me at I'm brutally honest and will do my best to answer any questions you have about the series, the BDSM lifestyle, or even myself. I'm on twitter @AllTwiedUp, check out my Tumblr for some awesome pictures, most of which are BDSM oriented....for those of you that are curious or don't already know. ;)

Last, but not least, I want to thank @JennyJerkface and @SnarkierThanYou for giving me the opportunity to call the afore mentioned ladies/bloggers my friends. 

I love you h00rs more than you know,


  1. A wonderful tribute post! I didn't know about your lifestyle, but I'll bet it gives you a much different perspective on this story (and other BDSM-related fics) than a non-BDSM-lifestyler. Thank you for sharing, and nice work on the tribute!

  2. Thank you AllTwiedUp - your words me more to me than I can possibly tell you. Thank you for your post - I teared up.

  3. Awesome post! It's because of this series of posts for Icy that I found your blog! So this is bringing more of us together! I love it! MotU is one the best fics I've ever ready and I beyond excited to see it in book form!
    Laters, baby!

  4. I'm going to be brutally honest and say that I had no idea that All Twied Up was a lifestyle choice and not just a play on words.

    You are beautiful. Your collar is beautiful. The fact that you now feel even more comfortable in your own skin is beautiful.

    I honestly knew nothing significant about the BDSM world prior to reading MotU. I'm not closed-minded at all. I attribute it to my Midwest upbringing. If anyone in my circle is into it, they aren't talking about it. LOL!

    Lots of questions are swirling around in my head. Were you two married before entering into the contract or after? Does the marriage certificate trump the D/s contract? Tell me there's no Irina in your RL story ;) Fascinating.

    Thank you for such an open post, for participating in the tribute, and for all the kinds words.


  5. You really have no idea how incredibly brave I think you are. I love that you are comfortable with who you are and the lifestyle you have chosen to live. Wonderful post... much love. xoxo

  6. I love you Charla. You are an amazing woman. I have toooons of questions!!! ;)

    <3 you

  7. Why is it that it took me and my bloggy partner UtterlyAbsurd Bella all the way till your MotU post to find you? Bad on us, mostly me though I've just started following many of you girls today!

    This is a great post! You are very brave for openly talking about something most of us know nothing about, especially when you never know they types of reactions you will get from people. I literally knew nothing... nothing about the BDSM lifestyle until I read MotU. I also contribute that to my Midwestern up bringing and relatively sheltered life. The story had definitely been a step outside of the box for me, I'm just wondering (minus the billions of dollars none of us have lol) was it a step outside of the box for you too?

  8. I enjoyed your post girly! I love you for so many reasons but one of them is your honesty and openness to the lifestyle. Your love and friendship has opened a whole new world to me!

  9. Wow, I had no idea. I hope you write more about your life, because I am genuinely intrigued.

    I also think you are extremely brave.

    Loved your post.

  10. My darling C,

    Wow. You have so much bravado talking so honestly, bb. How awesome that MotU has helped you in this way.

    I agree with other commenters, I am SOOOO curious to know more about your lifestyle. I would love to talk to you further, not just because of Fifty but because I'm curious about how other people live.

    As I was furniture shopping here in Sydney with a friend yesterday, we looked at a bed and she jokingly said "Nah, handcuffs won't go round that". I know she meant this in jest, because I know her inside and out, but I wonder to how many people that wouldn't be a comment taken lightly.

    I can't wait to see you in three months! Squee!

  11. Hey Girlie! Loved the post :) I am so glad you feel comfortable enough with yourself and all of us to share the intimate details of your life. I admire your strength and self-acceptance and I love you and your Mr. to pieces. You are two of my most favoritest people ever and you are lucky to have each other. *HUGS*

    P.S. I miss your beautiful face, so Im glad you posted your pic :)

  12. I think it is great that MotU helped to give you a comfort level to speak about your real life.

    Now I'm going to be very hyperaware of any women I know wearing a choker type necklace.

  13. I am so happy that MotU, this fandom and your followers have helped you be who are meant to be. I am glad that you feel free now and are able to be open and honest about your life. It is amazing where our lives can take us but I am grateful that all of this allowed our paths to cross. You are an amazing woman and I am so glad to be your friend.

  14. Late to the party on this one, but I already knew about your 'lifestyle' and am insanely jealous :-o

    I love you for your openness. I am jealous of it too. I'm so happy for you and your hubs that you can enjoy such a relationship.

    More importantly, I'm so pleased that you were involved with this tribute post too. It means a lot for it to come from someone who lives the life.

    Hugs CC x

  15. This is what I get for being absent from the bloggy world for too long. You are AMAZING! I'm absolutely fascinated by your lifestyle and have millions of questions! Mainly - would I like it? LOL!

    I haven't read any fic, but if it's an education, I may have to begin.

    Wow - how fucking cool of you to share! I'm in awe of your ginormous balls. I had so much fun with you and Mr. in Forks this year. I only hope to see your face again and get to ask some of my questions soon.

    This fandom is amazing and life altering. I know this well. I'm so happy you are more you because of it! MWAH! HUGS and SPANKINGS! ;)