Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tonight, the Hubs and I might get our faces melted off....

....and we'll love every minute of it!

Yes, that is tonight. And we will be there. 

Super awesome openers? Of course!

Cause these guys are creepy as fuck. And have
one of my favorite songs.

You know I'm tweaked when
I find this picture hot. 
But that's why you love me, right?

Oakland here we come,


  1. Please don't die today by the scary guy with "slut" written on him. ;)

    Have fun! <3

  2. Ok that vid sounded like KORN...remember them? I saw them here in San Dieog when I was 15. I had a best friend at the time who you remind me alot of that was super into them. We still keep in touch. She's now into Cooheed and Cambia (?)

    Have fun, be safe.

    xo J

  3. Have fun! My bro and his friends just went to their Chicago show last week. I swear I heard Du hast at least a million times before they went. Be careful in the mosh pit and stay away from the guy with the flames coming out of his shoulders! Oh and the guy they light on fire... probably best to stay out of his way too.

  4. Wow. More things I didn't know about you, C!

    I watched (well, it was on) a doco on Norwegian Death Metal the other night. The things girls will do when accompanied by boys, eh.

  5. Hey loves!

    @Amanda, LOL I didn't see him, shit...!

    @Jen, I totally saw Korn last summer, they were amazing! I still love them and listen to them all the time! But from Korn to Coheed? No offense to your loverly bestie, but I can't freakin stand them! lol sorry! :)

    @Kassie, they did play Du Hast and it was awesome! They didn't play a few of my faves, which I was kinda sad about, but their production was ahhh-mazing! The pyro stuff was kick ass and their sound was amazing! Can I say amazing and awesome one more time just to drill the point in? ;) lol

    @TwiKiwi, the more you know.... :) Yeah, Norway is kind of the mother of Metal, the lead guy from Combichrist is actually Norwegian, but they are more industrial than metal...and obviously Germany has some kick ass metal. :) I'm still squeeing from last night! And yeah, groupies never fail to astonish me, either!