Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pull-out method FTMFW

Thats right, I said it........ and it worked.

Fuck. Yes.
So, I had been off the pill for about 3 months to kind of give my body a break from the last 15 years of popping the little thing. Needless to say the amount of sex as well as the types of sex we had changed. It's not like he made a habit of finishing inside me, but still we were extra careful. Well, not careful enough to use condoms, cause FUCK those things. ;) Our alternate types of sex just involve other holes (mainly two) where procreation is not possible.

Anyways my doc made me take one of these before I started back on my pills, and thank heavens it came out like this. She actually had me scared shitless for a while. I hadn't had any signs, but still, what if? After attending @MyAfterCar's baby shower the other day, it made me kinda sad that little line wasn't a plus. I have had some serious baby fever lately. But.... not now. It isn't the time.

Natch, we celebrated!

We got out one of our finest bottles of wine. I mean that literally. That wine was part of our quarterly shipment from Louis M. Martini, one of the wineries we are members of. That shit is like 2 dollars a sip. 

Attached our "spill proof" pourer gadget. You can get fucking sloshed of wine and never spill a drop with this thing. No twisting of the bottle to prevent dribbling necessary!

Then, ran our wine through our other gadget, the Vinturi wine aerator. With on simple pour through this lovely thing, it gives your wine and hours worth of aeration. Also, it filters out sediment with it's screen. Super cool.

 So here's to another nine months of alcohol! Horrah!


  1. *cheers*

    It would REALLY suck if you couldn't drink for our Napa weekend!

  2. Crikey! When I first started reading this post I got my wires crossed and thought that you HAD ended up with a positive test. O_o Especially after your recent tweets...

    But I'm glad that you're glad that you're not, if you know what I mean. Your time will come when it's just right. I mean, you're so young! Go enjoy practising while you can!

    On a side note, I'm rather intrigued by your wine aerator - must look it up. I'm a bit of a gadget - and wine - freak :-)

    Luv ya bb!

    CC x

  3. I definitely need one of those aerator thingies! I've heard good things and now I must have one! Anything that will make wine even more delicious is a necessity in my book - lol...

    ; )

  4. For a minute there I thought I was gonna have to kick your ass for not telling me you had a preggo scare...but I read the whole post, so you're safe.

    Love you!!! xoxo