Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My pseudo Twilight tattoo...

It's not a freakin shitty rendition of Edward like some of you other bloggy buddies have posted, but it was inspired by a certain Twilight actress....

A prize for the person who knows who this is... okay,
not really, but seriously.... know who it is?*

I've been wanting to get my husband's name on my ring finger for a really long time. Not on top like Pam Anderson's Tommy tattoo or anything like this,

But something that will be there forever, letting him know that I'm forever his... in more ways than one. Originally I wanted to add an apostrophe "S" but decided my mother would disown me. So instead I went for this:



There's more....

I've wanted a white ink tattoo for the longest time, and I've wanted it to say "Family" and be in this particular location for a very, very long time. I just finally had the balls.

Holy shit, what a night! :)

*Nikki Reed


  1. You are so brave. Took me forever just to get me ears pierced.

    Hope your man appreciates your devotion.


  2. I knew who it was!!! Nikki woo hooo! Crazy since her and Paul haven't been together that long so hopefully it lasts!

    Wow, 2 tattoos at once? You have huge balls! I like them! How bad did they hurt? Although we all know you can stand/like pain more than the rest of us hehe. I really really want to get mine but I'm such a pussy. :(

  3. I knew who it was too..NIKKI!! So awesome! I love that you put Tom on your middle finger right next to your ring finger...I would have voted for adding the apostrophe s, but totally get that any parent might freak.



  4. Love them! That's very awesome! Even without the 's he and we all know you are his girl! Love you! :)

  5. LOVES IT!!!!

    I also think it's cool that you went with middle finger next to rings, rather than hidden underneath rings.

    And the white one - wowee! I've never seen a white tatt but me likey! You've got the balls, alright. But as Jamie said, we knew that already :-)

  6. Very cool! I had not heard about Nikki's tattoo, but I think the name on finger is a FAB idea!

  7. OMG those had to hurt like a bitch! But they are so cute!!! I have a very low tolerance for needles so I could never get a tatt, always wanted one tho... maybe one day.

    Question about the white tatt.. can you see it under black light??? Bc that would be so cool!

  8. OMG!!!! You got 2 tattoos?! When did you get them? When do I get to see person? Holy Crap...what did Tom think of them???? They look amazing & I can't wait to see them in person :)

  9. I don't know what a white tattoo is - what is "special" about it?

    Glad you got to accomplish two goals, that is pretty amazing.

  10. I flurve the idea of getting my husband's name tattooed on my finger - and on the inside too - but I doubt he'd approve :-( Hmmm, maybe it could be a special present that I bring back to him from Forks? ;-)