Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 25 Things, Inspired by @SnarkierThanYou

First off, let me say how much I've loved reading everybody's 25 random facts. I find people's quirks and random facts so interesting. It's a fun way of learning things about people that sometimes you'd never know.

Secondly, sorry it took me so long to get this out. Hope you learn a little something...

Now here's the thing, I am actually worried that I will not have 25 things to share cause I feel like I so frequently have diarrhea of the mouth. I mean really, I've shared some of the most intimate parts of myself in not-so eloquent ways...if you know what I mean. And my past has not been all rainbows and butterflies. But alas, here goes my thesis:

1. I am not a dancer. I mean I CANNOT dance. However, get enough alcohol in me and good luck pulling me off that floor. It's really quite amazing how the ratio of alcohol to the ratio of dancing is spot on.

Okay, here's the worst part of #1. Sometimes I get a little too much gusto in me and actually attempt lap dances. Naturally, because I'm not that smooth, something usually goes wrong. Like this last time at my sisters birthday party (parents and parent's friends abound), my "super sexy hair whip" blinded my husband and ruined the whole thing. Check out this priceless photo:

laughing at my epic fail
2. I graduated with honors from Nursing school, am a member of an elite Nursing Honors Society, and still don't have a nursing job, *sigh*.

3. My current marriage is not my first. I did the whole "run away to Hawaii at 19 and marry an Army boy who I knew for four months who deployed for a year two months later".... then get divorced 2 years later thing. It was one of the most difficult times of my life, but I'm one of those "everything shitty that happens is a lesson" type of people. I would NEVER be where I am now without that experience.

4. I, too, had a horse when I was younger. She was named Little Bit because she was so small. She had a small bit, you know, the part of the reigns that fits in the mouth? She was inches away from being considered a pony. We had to get rid of her because of number five.

awww, reminds me of Little Bit
5. I started playing soccer when I was four. I started playing competitively when I was 10, by the time I was a freshman in High School, I was a starter on the Varsity Team at only 13. At 13 I defended a Senior who would later that next year join the Women's National Team. She didn't score on me. ;) I ended up dropping the sport my junior year before the college recruiters started hounding me. My entire life had become soccer. I started dreading practice (which was every day) and hating playing the game. I had 4-6 concussions in about 2 years, and I started playing recklessly hoping to break a bone so that way I wouldn't have to actually tell my parents/teammates that I wanted to stop playing. It was who I was, I didn't have an identity outside of it, friends out side of it or a passion for anything else to take it's place. See number seven.

6.  I converted to the LDS (Mormon) Church when I was 15. I was dating a boy in high school for 3.5 years, he was Mormon and I started to go to church with him. I was raised without any religion and took to it very well. We broke up, then I got baptized. I was very active in it for three years before I started dating a guy who wasn't in the church. I didn't know how to say "no" back then, and did sexual things with him that I really didn't want to and ended up regretting and feeling super ashamed of. That eventually lead to a guilt so overwhelming that I left the church. Upon leaving the church,...

7. I started dating a 41 year old and picked up a baaad smoking habit. I got up to 1.5 packs per day when I quit. Back then, in Hawaii, you could smoke in bars. I could put down 1.5 packs in a NIGHT. I would wake up the next morning feeling like utter SHIT and started coughing up brown phlegm. As sad as it sounds, I always viewed it as passive aggressive suicide. I considered myself to be too much of a pussy to slit my wrists, so I figured I'd just make my life shorter. I've been a non-smoker for about 5 years now, and now only smoke cigars. I don't inhale, I swear. I love hookahs and hookah bars, though. And yes, I inhale those. ;)

Not me. Or anybody I know. But hookah and
slippers FTMFW.
8. This is probably not news to anybody here, but as my husband says, my "cup runeth over"... meaning I have no verbal filter. I can usually fake it pretty well, around in-laws/ work folk, but that's keeping a conscious filter at all times. When I am drinking or when the filter is down, I say some fucked up shit to people. Like the other day, I was drinking with friends and started describing how my husband is never content with one sexual position during sex. It's always 2-5. The hubs kinda looked at me like WTF? Where did that come from? It just popped in my head. I just said it. It's as simple as that!

9. I was the last to develop in my class, and weighed 105 lbs graduating high school. I'm damn near 5'7''. I got called every name in the book as a kid. I've had actual interventions from people thinking I was anorexic because I was so tiny. My high school nick name was "stick"... given to me by my soccer coach. I hated girls who would complain about their period cramps or their boobs being sore cause I was so massively jealous. Looking back, I didn't have the body fat to start my period. I was put on hormones because when I did have my first period (at 16.5), it lasted for 14 days and soaked through 2 pads per hour. Yeah. Miserable. I've been on the pill damn near ever since. Once I stopped playing soccer competitively, I got tits and my hips widened practically over night.

10. I've told nearly all of you that I'm a lacto-vegetarian (bordering on vegan) but what you don't know, is that we have the WORST farts ever. Oh my gawd, I'm talking raunchy. Broccoli, one of my favorite veggies, hates my bowels. Pray they don't have broccoli in forks, @norcaltwitard, @amandakmelby, @jaymes805...cause you'll be hating life in that room!

11. I met my husband on Myspace. LMAO! I'm not even kidding. He sent me a message saying "Hi. :)" I looked at his profile pic and saw this:

fucking jawgasm

This was the kicker
So I emailed him back the same thing. "Hi. :)" and the rest is history. We started emailing on Myspace, then chatting on YIM, then web-camming and texting, then we had our first date. He was so shy he couldn't look me in the face. When you'll meet him, you'll see how UNshy he is. He said he just knew I was "different right away." Ugh, melting! (yes, I actually just went on Myspace to get those pics. lol!)

12. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, now moving back after being in Hawaii for so long, people ask me where I'm from. Psssshaw! I'm a NorCal girl at heart. :) It's okay, I love my SoCal girls. Because they are so unlike the stereotypical SoCal girls. :)

lol love it!

13. My mom is one of my best friends, but if she ever saw this blog she'd freak. I share about 95% of myself with my mother, which is actually a hell of a lot. She even went to FOOOOORKS with me last year and we had a freakin awesome time! I love my mommy so much.

14. There are three things that genetics has the potential of fucking me over with. Panic Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder and Colon Cancer. On both my maternal and paternal side. I have two thus far. When I turn thirty I'll be getting the ol scope up the pooper (technical term) to make damn sure that I don't get all three.

15. I value most animal lives over human's lives. Sounds so sick considering my chosen profession and all, but I'll be damned, it's the truth. I don't think that 75% of people deserve the air they breathe. But I'll do my best to assure they still get it. Who am I to judge? I try to stay as nonjudgmental as I can because I can't stand people who judge others, I just tend to dislike ignorant people.

Biocentrism (Greek: βίος, bio, "life"; and κέντρον, kentron, "center"), in a political and ecological sense, is an ethical point of view which extends inherent value to non-human species,[1]ecosystems, and processes in nature - regardless of their sentience.[2] It stands in contrast to anthropocentrism which centers on the value of humans

That's me. AKA Hippie? lol Courtesy of good ol Wikipedia.

16. You probably wouldn't guess, but I'm a bit of a Metal Head. Check out my most recent post here. Most of my iPhone contains music that would make most people around the world cringe. The harder the better. I can't stand what society calls "alternative" now days. I'd love it if Hinder, Nickelback and Post-"My Own Prison" Creed would go on a world tour, share a plane, and shared a fiery death just so I would never have to hear one of their songs ever again. No offense, ladies, if you care. :)

17. Now here comes a big secret. I'm a HUGE Britney Spears fan. Fucking love her new stuff. I mean Crazy era and after that. The stuff that's more club/techno than pop. "Gimme More" and "3" are my freakin jams. I have the "Best of" and I quite frequently bump the shit out of it. I mean that literally. I have two 10'' subs in my trunk. ;) My car used to be the hubs car. He had it pretty tricked out. When he got his dream truck, I negotiated the system. Schweeeeet!

18. I've recently lost 20 lbs. Yeah, it's work's fault. I had to buy all new pants/shorts/skirts. I'm a huge cheap ass, so this was seriously a big deal. I still wear clothes from middle school. Hey, dont' judge. The old shirts are always the most comfortable! :)

19. I get severe road rage. Specifically towards those that don't use their blinkers. I literally have been known to yell, "USE YOUR FUCKING BLINKER YOU GODDAMN DUMBASS!" I am a horn honker and a finger flipper. And a mean-mugger. It's horribly embarrassing and it's in a very tourette-like manner. It makes my blood boil and I hate it! I wish I had more self control.

20. My husband officially fucking broke our bed... fucking. He literally pulled one of these:

Except with the footboard. He tore it apart!!!

That is a Vietnam-era ammunition can holding
our bed up. You can see where the hubs
tried to fix it with screws. FML.
 So now our extracurriculars have had to be either elsewhere or super, ahem, careful.

21. I love shitty TV. Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, The Real Housewives of New Jersey... The shittier the better! I don't know why I love them so much. Probably because I keep the drama in my life to a very, very minimum. I find the trashy drama so freakin entertaining! I can laugh at them, not cause I'm in the shitty situation myself. Ah, I love it! Oh yeah, I'm also the biggest Survivor fan! I watch every season. On a similar note, I'm a huge premium channel watcher. I love movies and I spend way too much of my spare time watching movies on TV.

22. I recently decided I wanted a snake. I went to the pet store to investigate the possibilities of raising a vegetarian snake and the woman looked at me like I wanted to skin it alive and ritualistically burn it. "Why on EARTH would you want to change it's nature?! NO, don't get a snake."..... I mean I totally see her point, but day-am! I just can't see something eaten alive. Even the pinkies that are frozen are just too much for me!

23. When I'm bored and sad, I go to the pet stores and pet puppies and look at kitties and other little animals. If it were up to me I'd have a million acres and I'd save all the homeless and helpless little animals. I will be "that" cat lady when I am older. The hubs even expects it. :) He says he'll prevent it, but I'd like to see him try. Muahahaha!

24. I've been dabbling with the idea of having a guest blogger here, you know who you are, bb, I just have to figure out how the hell to do it!

25. I've spilled enough guts. I hope you are all sated.

Love you all!


  1. I am a closet Britney freak too. I really really love her new song about dancing like it's the end of the word...can't FREAKIN' think of the right name. Geez it's on my IPOD. The other night FUSE channel had a Britney music video marathon...I was dancing around my living room at 11pm. Sweet.

    I totally loved learning more about you and am so sad I'm not going to Forks again. I think we'd have sooo much fun together!

    xo J

  2. Hmmmmm, that hotel room still seems like the right decision ;)


    Definitely some things here I did not know. I am sorry you have had some tough times in your life but you are completely right in that without them you may not be where or who you are today - and I like who you are today :)

  3. I love you hard girlie! Like, forever & shit. This should not be news. Ok, so I left a lil sumpin sumpin about me on the other posts like this so lets see if I can come up with some stuff you dont already know. Here goes:

    1. I want my own Harley someday! Thats right, I wanna be a stone cold biker bitch. Lol

    2. I love horses & rode one in the mountains outside Puerto Vallarta when I was 14.

    3. Because of the trip to mexico mentioned in #3, I HATE Mexico & wil never ever go back!

    4. My eyes are grey...not blue, not green...grey. I think its cool cuz its not something you see everyday.

    Ok, Im done. See you soon! Napa is only 23 days away...SQUEEEEEE!

  4. Tom was *ever* shy?! When was this??? Maybe back in the day...but not now! =)

  5. Loved your 25...I feel like I know you pretty well I knew a lot of them probably because neither one of us has a verbal filter. ;)

    I started my 25 I just need the time to finish it.

  6. Holy crap I learned heaps! Firstly, you're not even 30 yet? Wow. And the other stuff... man I love these 25-things things.

    The only part I really want to comment on is that you met Tom on MySpace! This renews my hope that internet dating may not be the dark hole I make it out to be. And hey, we know what happens when you meet cool people on the internet, don't we!

  7. P.S. Verbal filters are WAAAAY overrated.

  8. Loved the pictures of your husband from MySpace! They definitely would have gotten my attention too!

    Guess you need to get an iron bed frame!

    This was a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I loved doing my 25 things post and reading all the others I feel like I'm getting to know everyone a little better outside our shared love of Twilight.

    I also bust out my best moves, only when I'm drinking. #19 is me! I do the same shit and non blinker users are on the top of my road rage shit list.. I get pretty scary when I'm yelling at idiots on the road. I'm not a huge Britney fan but I like her stuff, I'm a huge Hanson fan... I think that brings me to a whole other level. And I have to agree with Amy we know what happens when you meet cool people on the internet :)

  10. Oh wow! I FLURVED this post :-) I fear I suffer from your affliction too, though. I can't say I'm ever 'quiet' as such, but drop a bit of alcohol into the mix and I turn into a woman possessed! That's when the real me comes out :-o

    I guess you're gonna meet the real me in Forks... :-D

    CC x

  11. The lap dance pictures were so fucking funny I was snorting so loudly that ML came up to make sure I wasn't having an allergy attack. I cannot dance either but good gawd do I love you for those pics.

    The lacto-ovo farts are the most horrifying thing I've witnessed. Everyone assumes vegetarians farts are going to smell better than us carnivores but it's the total opposite. ML has been a lacto-ovo for nearly 14 years and his ass can peel the paint off the walls. Ever try riding in a van with six lacto-ovo dudes for six hours? Not fun.

    I could see the metal head in you and I agree with Creed/Nickelback (no clue who Hinder is but I'm thankful for that). The Britney Spears though... really??? Now THAT shit surprises me.

    Your mom is awesome.

    Oh, wait. You're actually super duper awesome yourself and I can't wait to see that lovely smile of yours again in person. No, really. Even when I see pictures of you smiling it makes me smile. It's kinda creepy. ;)

    Loved the 25!!! :)