Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's nesting time!

So, today (thanks to you lovely ladies!!) the hubs and I signed the addendum to the lease and wrote out the check to our landlord.

There it is! It's going out tomorrow!!
And here is how I feel about the FIVE HUNDRED dollar deposit:

Suck on this. 
We talked to the lady who has Bella, and we set up an appointment to pick her up! Tuesday at 5 PM is THE time! We are so happy! So as soon as I found this out, the motherly/nesting instinct started to kick in! I don't have kids, but I assume it's something like the pregnancy nesting. ;) I just HAD to go get her a tag with our info, a collar, a leash, and all the other lovely things a doggie needs in her new home! Thanks to everybody's donations, we were able to get her some really cool stuff!

When we got home, I laid everything out because I wanted to show all of you h00rs just what we were able to get. But SOMEONE, by the name of Garfield, was not pleased.

This is the butt treatment. "I'm not paying attention, I'm NOT
paying attention to you!"
So I put him on top of all the doggie things to let him explore all the new things...

OOOOOH! What are these??

Caught red-handed chewing on the dog food bag!
I have to keep all of his food behind lock and key because he just loves to chew through the bags! I must always have boxes on hand for him at all times to chew on, too.

Ashamed because he was caught.
First things first! Her new tag and owner's info!! And of course a tasty treat...

And of course, an adorable collar! Fit for a girl, but not so girlie the hubby vetoed it.

Next was a harness for walks and other exercise requiring a leash....

And of course a leash! The hubs picked this one out...

Cesar Milan approved, natch.
As always, thanks for the advice!
Some treats!!

And a sweet-ass duck with a quacker!

And of course some yummy food.

Holistic, huh? I'm a sucker for words like that. Even for my pets.
Chew proof and slide proof?? WHAAAAAAT?!
We are so excited to pick her up and are still floored by all the love and help that we've received from the wonderful Twitarded community! I have said it before and I'll say it again, THANK you all so much! I will make sure to post pictures of our journey and times together!

P.S. We got this new picture of her, it's freakin cuuuuuute as all hell!

 She is smiling, just for us. :)

Garfield approves.


  1. OMEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bella is coming home. I'm so happy for you babe!! Awh I cannot wait to meet her!!!!!

    Garfield will get some extra attention from me that weekend ;)

  2. I hope she brings you much love and joy.

    Good luck to Garfield... He is getting his own Odie, look out LOL!!

  3. Awww. I'm so stinkin happy for you all...I hope the Garfield and Bella become good friends...I can't wait for the family photos...Best wishes and sparkly love..Double_Dippin

  4. Congratulations! Every dog deserves a loving caring home! You'll have to send me your address and I'll put together a doogy care package for you. Treat recipies, hemp chew/tug and other goodies. Being a doggy owner who's been through it all. I'll pass along a few words of wisdom. I don't know if the food that you bought is what she's currently being fed, if it isn't slowly and i mean slowly switch her over. Cause depending on her constitution she may get the runs. The other is Cesar says harnesses promote pulling when walking a dog. I saw his live show and he worked with a skipperkey (not sure on spelling) that pulled he switched from harness to collar and five minuets later, no more pulling amazing.
    Enought of my babbeling.
    I'm sure that Bella will be happy and loved in her new home.

    Dogs are not our whole lifes
    But they make our lifes whole!

  5. Thanks, everybody! I totally appreciate all of the support!

    @red_bella, I DMed you on Twitter. :)

  6. Aww! So excited for you. It's great to see a foster pup finding an excellent home with you. Let lil Bella know that she has Twi-h00rs far and wide loving here (oh, and a certain porky yorkie in Texas who probably wouldn't lovin' on her either, lol!). Love ya, babe!

  7. Charla- CONGRATS! I think I tuned in to twitter too late. So twitter peeps donated money for you to give to your landlord as a deposit for owning a dog? If so, that kicks ass!

    She's adorable. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    xo J

  8. so excited for you! I work at a holistic dog store (food, supplements, the works) so hit me up if you have any weird questions :)

  9. Awwww, every dog should have it's day - and it looks like Bella's going to fit right in with your little family. Hope she's used to cats :-o And that Garfield is used to dogs!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing lots of cute pics of you and your little pup!

    CC x

  10. Holy freakin' cow, Charla! I'm so psyched for you, the hubs, Bella and even Garfield. :)
    And I also have some doggy stuff I'd like to give you guys. DM me your address on twitter. XO

  11. SO excited for you!!! She's so adorable, I can't wait to meet her (hopefully Eclipse release weekend!!!)

    Aww garfield is such a cutie too!

  12. I can't wait to hear all about your new pup! I hope Garfield isn't too freaked out - but from what you've been told about her, it sounds like Bella is pussy-friendly!


    : )