Monday, November 22, 2010

The newest addition!

So, one week ago my husband and I brought home our newest addition, Bella T. Hicks! :)

When we first brought her into the house, the "other man" of the house, aka Garfield, was not sure about the newest addition. He maintained a viewing position higher than Bella and just watched. Whenever she would get close, he would warn her off with a hiss and growls.

The hubs and his little girl...

Momma and her little girl (sans makeup, my bad!)
When it came time for sleep, we brought the designated Bella-blanket into the bedroom, and placed it next to the hubs side of the bed. He insisted that she sleep next to him, because the kitties always love to sleep on me! I finally gave in and we went to sleep, praying for nothing to go wrong in the middle of the night...

During a bout of insomnia that night, about 3:30 am, I hear Garfield hissing and growling. Little did I know he was right in sleeping Bella's face. His hiss woke Bella up in a panic! She barked and started to chase Garfield, but at this moment, dad woke up and in his scary man-voice said, "NO!!" Poor little Bella came back shaking like a scared chihuahua. Can you imagine waking up to a hostile feline in your face? Poor little girl... Needless to say, I slept with one ear/eye open for the next two nights, praying for peace and calm. Thankfully I was rewarded.

Her chest is so soft!
The very next day we took her on her first walk! Once she saw that we had a leash in our hands, she ran to the door with enthusiastic tail-wagging and sat! It took everything she had to keep her butt on the ground. We were so happy to find that she has had some training! Our first walk went very well! Dad was sure to make sure that she followed beside/behind and not in front. He's reading "Be the Pack Leader" by Cesar Milan. :) She followed direction really well and didn't freak out at the sign of other dogs! She was a little tired after the walk, but seemed to truly enjoy it.

Gearing up for one of our walks! It was very chilly
that day... it was slightly too small, so we took
the straps off of her back side. Much more
comfortable. :)

She loved her sweater. I can't believe the
hubs actually agreed to it! Hahaha!

We absolutely love to take her on walks around the block, in the park, etc. and she rides in the car very well. She gets a little excited when a window rolls down, but she calms down with some direction. I had to run a few errands after one of our walks, and she stayed in the car, not a yip out of her mouth! :)

She absolutely loves our yard. She loves to roll in the grass, chase the leaves and her stuffed animal! :)

You cant tell where the lawn ends and the walkway to the
backyard house begins! She loves it! 
She loves scratching her back on the lawn!

More scratchin' and rollin'!

Just like heaven... (the hubs likes to tease her about her
rather, ahem, large nipples!!)

Her quacker stuffed animal that lasted 2 days!

She loved to play catch with it!

You get that duck, Bella!
She doesn't bark, I didn't know that was possible! I thought the foster keeper was just blowing smoke up my ass when she said that. She's barked once at a motorcycle and once when someone came to the door and the knock woke her up. She grunts when we love on her and she loves to give kisses!

My parents came into town last week for a few days and bought her a bed, she just loves it!

We put her right by the couch, she's as happy as can be!

She loves to nap... and chew on rawhides! 

Our original plans were no bed, no couch. ONE week into her being home and have a look at this!

That didn't last long.

Giving a happy daddy kisses!
So, now we've officially switched to only letting her on the couch when we invite her. When we get off the couch, so does she, and she only sits on a blanket. I do NOT want my couch to smell like dog. I love you Bells, but sorry. Blanket is my final requirement.

Shall we make bets on how long it will take before dad lets her sleep on the bed? I'm giving it one month. We shall see.....

Garfield, Oreo and Bella are getting along much better. Garfield rarely hisses anymore, but occasionally growls. Sometimes Bella gets too excited and wants to play with Garfield, but he will have none of that. Oreo is still passive and using avoidance as her coping mechanism.

Oreo, on my bed, doing what she does best...sleeping.
So, with all of the changes in the last week, everybody is adapting very well. Bella is the sweetest dog ever, and exactly everything we hoped she would be. We are so happy to have her and will be forever thankful to you ladies of Twitardia for your sacrifice and generosity. She is safe now, and in a home that will never give up on her or give her away. I think she can feel that, because she is so happy and in such good spirits. I think she knows that she has finally found her forever home.  

Garfield is learning to approve. 


  1. Awww this made me all teary! She is so cute and it's so obvious from the pictures that she is so happy to be with yall. The fact that she charmed her way onto the couch in one week makes me laugh - I don't know if your hubs will last a month before he's snuggling with her in bed! I'm so glad that you have her and that she is adjusting so well. Give that sweet face some sloppy wet kisses for me :)

  2. I love her sweater! I can't wait to see her in less than 2 weeks! Squeeeeee! :)

  3. Awww she's adorbs! Can't wait to meet her!!!

  4. I also cannot wait to meet her!!! *melt*

  5. She is so damn cute!!!! Have you any idea what breed(s) she is? And how old? She looks like she's had a litter, judging by those nips ;-) I should know - have 2 sons - bwahahaha!

    Love the post - I want my doggie to meet your doggie (that sounds a bit suss dontcha think?)

    CC x

  6. Aww, so happy this all worked out. She is truly adorbs like the rest of your entire family.

  7. So happy and so sweet. I am glad you have all found each other. Continued joy is wished for you :) Ear scratches to Bella :)

  8. I'm so glad you guys have her and are having a blast! I love the sweater. I love putting clothes on my dog but he hates it.