Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I was tagged!

Well, technically everybody who read the blog was tagged, but I still feel special. I was over at Starlit Violets Website, reading her newest blog post, and she gave a list of seven questions for everybody to answer. Well, with no further ado, here we are!

 1.  If you were a member of the Brady Bunch, the Scooby Doo clan, or The Flinstones, which character would you be?  Why?

Wow, it's been so long since I've seen any of these shows. I guess I get a big fat fail. I remember Velma, aka Jenny Jerkface, being the smart, nerdy one. I'm totally a nerd. I guess I'm pretty smart. 

Power to the nerds. They rule the world.

P.S. Did you know her last name is Dinkley? LoL! I sure didn't. 

2.  What is the one food in this world that exists solely to torture you?

This, I have an answer for. Red licorice! I'm not talking about crappy-ass Twizzlers, but the original Red Vines. They are a favorite movie snack, and I eat them until I feel like my stomach is going to explode. Every time. I usually end up giving the hubby the bag because I do not have to self control to stop eating them. It's sad, I'm a helpless glutton.

I would NEVER buy this. I would die of hyperglycemic shock.
3.  Explain to us, in detail, the strangest thing you've ever eaten and how you came to eat it.

I'm going to keep this rather, ahem PG-13 rated and not XXX rated, and keep it strictly to food, people. ;)
I would have to say tofu jerky. It tasted like dog food. Because I'm a psycho-anal (har har har) vegetarian,  I do not get too adventurous with food. If I don't know what is in it, I don't eat it. Plain and simple. I was forced to eat antelope way back in the day, and it's one of the reasons I'm a vegetarian. FYI: Don't force a child to eat something then show them pictures of the dead animal they just ate. Doesn't bode well. 

This was me. No, I'm not lying.
Want to know something even more weird? I grew up in the boonies where we have cattle. It seemed to have the vegetarian-izing effect as opposed to the typical effect it has on people. I got super sensitive as opposed to super sensitized. 

This is me at heart. A dirty hippie.
4.  How often do you read for pleasure (and I'm NOT hinting at fanfic here, you dirty h00rs!  But ff counts as pleasure reading, just an EXTRA dose of pleasure!)?

I read every single night. It's sort of my bed time routine. I have found that it calms my racing mind better than anything. The tradition actually happened a few years ago when I started reading Twilight. I was not much of a recreational reader until those books. Since then, I've read nearly all I can afford/get my hands on. Currently reading Beautiful Darkness, the sequel to Beautiful Creatures. I admit, before this quasi-new found Twitter addiction, I used to get a lot more reading done. Now, computer time sort of gets in the way of my reading time.. and my "everything else" time!!

Yes, I'm a total bookworm. I'm okay with it. I'm surrounded by my kin.
5.  Alice in Wonderland.  The first or second incarnation from Disney?

Wow. Another fail. Never saw the second one. I wanted to, but I never go around to it. Plus, I prefer my Johnny Depp to look like this:
I'd even share him with Latchkey Wife.
6.  Describe the place in your house where you usually sit to induldge in all the bloggy/Twitter fun.

I have a particular little nook in the couch. We have an extremely comfortable sectional, and I sit right in the corner so my back is supported and my feet are up on the couch as well.

I'm sort of like Dr. Sheldon Cooper, if you sit in my spot, it's war.
7.  What is your favorite fairy tale or childhood storybook?

I've always loved Sleeping Beauty. I used to prance around the house singing all of the songs, pretending I was Briar Rose. I thought it was so romantic! Then, I read Anne Rice's version and lawdy, I can not watch it the same!! If you haven't read Anne Rice writing under the pseudonym of A. N. Roguelaure, I highly suggest it. 

Warning: Heavy BDSM themes and hot-ass sex scenes included. 

Do yourself a favor and read it. Seriously. Do it.
Thanks for the tag, Ms. Starlit Violets! I am going to follow her trend and tag every reader! Blog your answers to the questions and link it in my comment box, answer in the comment box, or just comment. ;) I would love to hear your answers/thoughts.


  1. I will do this, I will, but you'll have to wait until later when I have time to blog!

    Loving the pic of Johnny Depp.....mmhmm!

    CC x

  2. I fail at blogging so I reject your tag - HA!

    However, I think this is a great way to learn something new about folks. Thanks for continuing to share.

  3. I loved Anne Rice's Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. It's what inspired me to write my fanfic Cinderella. I think everybody who reads fanfic should read Anne Rice-she is the ultimate queen in BDSM and those books are super graphic.

    Anyway, I love your answers!

  4. Haha so as I just tweeted to you, I started writing my blog post after starlitviolets tagged all her readers. Just got to question one and then had to leave work to go to the doctors office so I didn't have a chance to post it but it looks like we were both thinking along the same lines. Loved your answers! :)

  5. OK, I've done it. Head over to Inspired by Lemons to see my answers!

    Hope you likey!

    CC x