Friday, October 22, 2010

YOU all said it.

So, I was browsing one of my favorite Twi Sites, TwiCrackAddict, and came across this post about Elle's Women in Hollywood gala/shinding. I saw this picture of Miss Anna Kendrick:

The first thing I thought was, "wow, cute shoes!" Then all of the sudden I was back in Forks with all of my Twitarded ladies... Why does she remind me of Forks? Well, I swear, I must have heard 7-8 times, "has anybody ever told you you look like Anna Kendrick?!?"

About a month after Eclipse came out a cashier at Borders asked me that question. I said, "hmmm, nope, never heard that one before!" But in Forks, it came time after time to the point where I was saying, "wow, people keep saying that!!"

Back when I weighted 10 lbs less, I used to get Kate Beckinsale all of the time. Talk about a compliment, that woman is gorgeous! I, of course, never saw it, but I kept getting the question.

In fact, I got this so much that I used her as my profile picture for Facebook's Doppelganger week.
Once before, a few years after "Bad Santa" came out, I got the whole "has anybody ever told you that you look like Lauren Graham?" I had no idea who she was by name, and they said, "the chick from 'Bad Santa.'" All I could think of was that scene where Lauren Graham's character was in the hot tub having sex with Billy Bob's Santa character saying, "fucking Santa, fucking Santa, fucking Santa!" Really? What about that woman reminds you of innocent little me?!?

So hmmmmm....

My conclusion? The only thing I see in common with these three women is brown hair. But you know, all us white people do look the same. ;)

My theory? Something that is a very, very well known fact. You Twitards have too much Twilight on the brain. :) I see no resemblance here. Maybe if we got out and watched something other than Twilight-related movies, browsed something other than Twilight-related content on the internet, and talked about things other RPattz's ass (also Twilight related) nobody would have noticed a thing.

But then, what would we do with ourselves?


  1. I can definitely see Kate Beckinsale. You're stunning too!

    Also - the last paragraph - no thank you! I'll take my Twilight-addled brain and be happy, TYVM :)

  2. hehehe! I wouldn't trade my Twi-world for ANYTHING, either! :)

  3. hubs says you remind him of Jennifer Garner. You both have amazing smiles. :)

  4. As a woman with brown hair and brown eyes.. I FEEL YOU!!!!!!
    I love you and I'm sorry but... I can see all three! You're stunning, young, and have SUCH an innocent smile.. I get it!!

  5. Echo @Demanda's comment. I see all 3 and you ARE stunning! And young. Makes me sick really ;-)

    Oh, and as for giving up any Twi-related stuff? I have 3 words:


    CC x

  6. Aww, I actually do see a little Anna in your smile. Either way, you’re a cutie pie and you look like you. :)

  7. Yes all you white people do look alike. It was so difficult to distinguish who was who when I was in Forks. Thank goodness there was some brown girls to give me a break. TeeHee.

    Yes, when you have Twilight on the brain you do remind me of Anna. But I can see aspects of your features in every celeb listed. But at the end of the day, you are you, and you look like you. You being someone who is truly too good looking for words.